We’re here …. Bookshop.org

Do you fancy helping to keep independent bookshops alive through lockdown and beyond, while perhaps finding the perfect gift to give the bookworm in your life too? Well now you can…. on Bookshop.org


White Rose BookCafe is one of 130 UK bookshops to have signed up to Bookshop (www.Bookshop.org): a new online platform launching today to help bookshops take on Amazon in the critical Christmas shopping season, and beyond.

Independent bookshops, facing an existential threat due to the Covid-19 pandemic, have been given a powerful new tool to allow their loyal customers to support them by buying through Bookshop.org when they shop for books online.

Bookshop was founded with the belief that independent bookshops are vital to our culture. As consumers are increasingly realising that where they spend their money matters, Bookshop.org offers an entirely new approach to online shopping, giving customers the power to support the local high street when they buy books online.

Bookshop.org offers an ethical online marketplace for socially conscious online shoppers that ensures independent bookshops receive the full profit margin (30 per cent of the cover price) from each sale they generate on the platform. Books are offered to consumers at a small discount and delivered within 2-3 days.

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