Book recommendations for your Staycation.

Anna recommends these 2 interesting books to reconnect you & your family with nature ….

Dancing with Bees, by Brigit Strawbridge Howard
A naturalist’s passionate dive into the lives of bees (of all stripes)—and the natural world in her own backyard.

Here’s a YouTube video of the authors garden, very inspirational……

Wild Child by Patrick Barkham

“In this timely and personal book, celebrated nature writer Patrick Barkham draws on his own experience as a parent and a forest school volunteer to explore the relationship between children and nature. Unfolding over the course of a year of snowsuits, muddy wellies, and sunhats, Wild Child is both an intimate story of children finding their place in natural world, and a celebration of the delight we can all find in even modest patches of green.” Taken from Granta Publishing website.

‘A must-read for all Britain’s naturalists’ Chris Packham

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