Book Choices of the Week 12 March

Book of the Week … Shepherd of Another Flock by David Wilbourne. As the newly appointed Vicar of Helmsley, David was looking forward to working in this picturesque market town, set in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. Admittedly the vicarage, which dated back to the twelfth century, was extremely cold and damp. And not all of his parishioners were impressed by his new-fangled ways. But with the help of the irrepressible Father Bert, a retired cleric and one-time Tail End Charlie, David set about winning over the townsfolk.shephers of another flock

Children’s Choice of the Week  … Lets Look Series, spot and learn, stick and play books, on gardens, birds, trees & nature £4.95 each for ages 5 to 8 years old.Lets Look Series

Anna recommends Bleaker House by Nell Stevens ” An author travels to far off Falklands to write a novel and it doesn’t quite work out!”

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