Book Signing with debut author Peggy Riley

White Rose BookCafe hold a book signing event with debut author Peggy Riley on Saturday April 13, signing copies of ‘Amity & Sorrow’ (Hodder £14.99) in the BookCafe at 2.30pm.

‘Amity & Sorrow’ is a novel about God, sex and farming; an unforgettable journey into the horrors a true believer can inflict upon his family.  It is the gripping story of three remarkable women, the beauty and suffering of their former lives and their heartbreaking, hopeful, doubtful future. It is the darkest novel about love and the Good Life you will ever read’ Tinder Press

‘Amity & Sorrow’ , “Once in a while a book comes along that can not only grip you but keep you thinking long after the last page. Enter Amity & Sorrow…. …Perhaps it’s Riley’s experience as a playwright that brings the words of this novel to life and sets it apart as a stunningly original contemporary classic. Or maybe it is the remarkable characterisation and intense plot. Either way. I urge you to read Riley’s novel” Stylist Magazine (UK)

“This is an impressive and often pretty harrowing debut novel, whose strength and power explain why it has been chosen to launch a new literary imprint.” Daily Mail (UK)

The Adult Book Group will be meeting Peggy Riley before the book signing and enjoying a discussion about the book, and writing. If you wish to join the monthly Adult Book Group or require a signed copy to be reserved of Amity & Sorrow, please telephone White Rose BookCafe 01845 524353.

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